Pushing and Shoving/Niggle

Hi Team,

Can the developers please consider adding occasional cut animation scenes of Pushing and Shoving between players of opposing teams during a stoppage. With the referee intervening giving a verbal warning to both teams. Elevated crowd noise too.
Even an animation like this occasionally coming up after a bad dangerous tackle or repeated dangerous tackles which adds tension to the game or when the game is close with a changing scoreline lead between both teams. I am sure you have all seen this in Rugby 08 which makes the game fun with these random scenes for atmosphere. I understand it might not be a priority to have this but thought to suggest it for Rugby 24. Thanks


Actually, every cutscene or little things add up to the immersion. I’ve played a bit of madden, the pre game scenes are amazing, and help pump up the match. A similar thing but rugby oriented would be great, plus all you said.
A great game i think is a mix up of good gameplay, good user interface, good graphic and good little or big detail.
A game that focus on just one of these will allways be mediocre… (think about rugby champion, rugby 22 and rugby challenge 4, all of them concentrate on something but miss the others)

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I agree, I like the little cut scenes and things. If this does develop into a successful franchise (If anyone can make it happen it is these guys) it would be something cool in a future iteration if it wasn’t here. I would say we are going to get what we will get this time. Feedback would possibly play a part in future titles though. Bring back the biff!