Rain and DLS mode missing in Cricket 24

Hi @JNT_BA ,
New here so don’t know if anyone raised this issue or not. Really want to know why Rain/DLS method is not working in Cricket 24.
In test match rain plays a very important role as it adds realism. There is option of choosing rain and in animation as well we see that a little bit but it doesn’t affect match and pitch like we saw in Cricket 19.
Cricket 22 also lacked this feature, could you please look after it and fix it probably and add it on the next patch.

It’s not so much that “it isn’t working” but it more a case of its not in the game. It was removed in Cricket 22 and is something we have conversations about all the time in studio if we were to implement it in the future.

So any probability it will be added in Cricket 24 or not?
@JNT_BA @RossSymons please add it if possible.

Imagine removing one of the most important aspects of the sport as a design choice! If PGA Tour games removed wind, NBA 2K ditched the three point line, FIFA had no goalposts!

There’s even a toggle in the menus which you’ve admitted does NOTHING. You do so much good as a company yet things like this which make so little sense just makes me (and many others) just give up. Can’t wait for Cricket 26 where bats don’t exist.

No there is rain. It just doesn’t do anything such as match interruption. This is about the system he was referring to in C19 before you decide to throw random accusations.

Understood that… But my ask was can you add match interruption for rain in cricket 24 giving in upcoming patch.
This little features do add a lot of realism. And if there is some issue by adding that please inform so that we fans can understand. @JNT_BA

It’s not impossible and I’ll have a chat to the team again on Monday to see if this is something to add in the future. It certainly won’t be in the next patch as that is all coming together and something like this will require significant work and time.

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Sure, thanks to check again. Will love if it we added in future patch❤️
Thanks again.

It being “cosmetic only” is actually worse. Surely has to be a main priority for a cricket game to have basic features of the sport?

But considering this game still has the same physics and animations from 2014 (which are horrendously broken and outdated) I’m not surprised.

At least we have the shiny Indian franchises and impact player though!


The fact that you didn’t know that then is seems like you haven’t put that much time in the game then. Not like this was a big secret for two games. If you think rain is as important to cricket as to

Then I worry about how you play Cricket.

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I’d assumed like most things in game, it was a bug which was just ignored, rather than a design choice.

@WelshPlaymaker agree with you, the game is broken to the core, and their priority is to keep adding cosmetics without fixing the horrific glitches and adding realistic features.

AI/semi assisted fielding is most of the times disheartening, i have been a regular player of this franchise starting from DBC and can surely tell Cricket 19 was quiet better in terms of gameplay. They didn’t had to go over the board to break an existing thing that works well to add some new cosmetic changes in order to “upgrade the game” and launch a new iteration after every few years.

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