Rando Custom Team Names

Much like the Surnames in the game. Is it possible for us to have custom team names to be requested?

Aka I want “The Vagabonds” or if someone plays for a club called the Tempests etc they could ask for it?

Or are these sort of all set and used from a BA standard catalogue type thing?

They probably have a list based on common team names.

I’d love to see a phonetic language creator, but I know there is also something called the real world…

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But don’t ask, don’t get. Many times ask don’t get, but no regertz!

I did think I noticed their logos and names for some custom teams were the same between a couple of their games. I mean there were a very good list of names in league so would be stoked if that was the same in this one.

So you spend all your time in this place called the real world and don’t ever dare to dream? :wink:

Your point is very interesting though, I wonder how far away it is before the text to speech thingy majigidies (Highly technical term, don’t worry if you can’t understand it) end up in games like this for commentary or at least augmenting the real commentary with the additions generated in creation suites using the commentators voice models.

They no doubt have a commentator who comes in to make a recording for all the dialogue in the game. That would include names and the like.
Text to Speech is rubbish. Trying to make it sound appropriate to each context is also important. The tone with which you speak about a player catch the ball in the backs is probably different to if the same player intercepts the ball and runs 70 metres to win the game.

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Text to speech has come a long way though and you can make it very believable if the proper punctuations etc are used.

Just went back in to look at the team names RLL4 had and ended up playing a few games. Still the GOAT of any rugby game imo (Disclaimer: I haven’t played 3 in a VERY long time)

Side Note: If we cannot receive new names could we have the option for any of the standard “Custom” logos to be chosen to place on the Jerseys along with the sponsors?

It is all very well having a nice Big Ant made Emblem to choose and a Big Ant team name to add, but if you then have to try go and create something similar on your own to put on the jersey … it renders any Big Ant have included as pointless, as you can choose whatever is made yourself for the team logo also.

Please and thank you.

You’ve got me confused here. Are you talking about custom made jerseys?

Custom club logos being able to be used on custom jerseys.

The ones made by Big Ant.

i.e these

being able to be used here

Even AFL23 has more customisation options than that…

Not a lot of context provided here. Than what? The one screen of logos? The Fanhub options? What I said about wanting those having the ability to go there?

Because the only Big Ant games I own (Before all the patches are done) are RLL4 and Cricket22. You can’t do it on Rugby League but can on Cricket (But even then many of the logos do not have matching commentary names).

In AFL23, the logos aren’t tied to the team names or commentary.

Ok, so it is in all titles that way. So my question to that would be why not?

If you have a barber logo, the logo is called Barber. Why would you not have one of that list of commentary names the guy comes in to do … be … Barbers?

What else will you select in the commentary name? I mean am I the only one that seems odd to? If they have to say a bunch of random names anyway, why are they not the ones the guys have done the work on designing?

Why not make quality teams that have all parts. Why just do bits of each seemingly randomly?


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Well Geelong is in the game soooo, no surprises there. I know some match up.

I know there are some. I will not go through and put all the icons in here that don’t match. Of which there are many (In League and Cricket)

Edit: The letter ones are great for custom teams, can you choose what colour they are? Or are they stuck as is?

There are a small list of team “mascot” names which I wish was bigger.
The Letter Logos are as is and can’t be manipulated.

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Yeah, so I am not trying to over criticise. It is great there are various options in the game.

For me though, the options that are there do not tie up as well as they could to maximise the usefulness of everything included. Such as Mascots without names as you point out, or colours on the lettered symbols not matching say if you wanted to have a Blue and Red team but the symbol is green and blue. The option to change the colours would give much more freedom.

Still it is promising looking at the images you have shared there. It seems the catalogue is growing.

Absolutely. There is nothing to say that Rugby will work like AFL23, but it does follow on from Cricket 22 and previous which gives us hope

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They just need to make sure they get this guy’s name right…

or his mate