Random very helpful review in Steam

This review was made by someone in Steam reviews and i think it is worth to post it here as it is very concrete and complete.

"This is an analysis for the early access product, which I felt the need to do while so many people are already approving the game - and I feel so much is lacking still. I really hope to see community feedback being implemented before the official launch.


  • Net play is still really bad. AI plays it really poorly, with weird unforced errors. It feels unrealistic to try serve and volley at this game - as serve is barely effective, movement to the net is slow and odd (specially with the triggers) and volleying is either easy or turns out in a terrible mistake
  • Running from side to side with trigger sometimes bugs and player just do not move or hit the ball. Running to the net to get a drop shot is always terrible, and it mostly will lead you to a terrible ball or an unforced error.
  • AI hits a lot of random drop shots, which do not match the play style of the professional player.
  • Play styles are non existent. All players do the same baseline play. Same shots work out the same for different players.
  • Signature shots are missing for a lot of players. Wozniacki plays the same as Keys who plays the same as Kenin. This is unacceptable after the official lunch. Nobody wants to play with generic animations (see how it’s been turning out bad at Top Spin)
  • Graphics are really lackluster. Colors look quite dad, texture the same. I would recommend having a look at the bright, beautiful colors and graphics of the courts in Top Spin to get a sense of a beautiful arena.
  • Game still bugs a lot in audio, it cuts constantly in my headphone while playing. Video bugs as well in the middle of rallies. I’m sure it’s not a laptop issue as mine is strong and new.
  • Please get rid of the zoom while serving. It’s odd, unreal and useless.
  • Serving needs to be a bit harder and more effective as well. I can keep hitting winners from left to right while receiving serve with unreal angles.
  • Down the line shots are painfully not effective at this game. If you have a look at people’s gameplay a lot of people are hitting winners cross court only. We know that’s not how it works in real life.
  • I would recommend that cross court shorts are a little more error prone (I can do whatever angles I’d like there before any error) and down the line shots are more powerful to hit winners.
  • Flat shots should be more penetrating - I do not use them as they cause a lot of errors, and top spin shots are a safe yet powerful choice.
  • Defense shots are painful to see. Those loopy balls are unreal, slow, while players run unrealistically. You can keep hitting power shots all day while someone defends it running like Usain Bolt. I always go for swing volleys and they are easy.


  • You tend to listen to community, I really appreciate that!
  • You have a couple of well figured signature shots from players
  • Player roster is looking promising, as well as career play
  • Variety of shots pay off at this game, the opposite of ball bashing in Top Spin

I would say I’m really enjoying the game, much more than Top Spin. But I can not recommend it before some profound improvements are implemented - this game is not complete yet. Anyway, keep up the good job in improving this game!"