Reaction time of players and scrums

i have been looking at the reaction time of players when it comes to the breakdown and at mauls, from the previous game , they are very unrealistic can i say , i mean real players would be a little bit more faster and a little bit more rough , i mean the game made it look like it’s child’s play , and the reaction time of the backline players is very poor , they take too long to get at their positions and when they finally arrive is the opponents defensive line already in place , the scrums are a little bit too complicated , why not use the method of rugby challenge where you just had to flick you analog stick upwards at a certain time, i would really appreciate too see more realistic plays for your back lins though , like cross kicks and try to make the game a little bit less cartoony and way more realistic please , thanks that’s all from my side!

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I think more stats could be incorporated into rugby games to help with players getting into positions, faster.
For example, Defensive Awareness, Offensive awareness, positioning

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Traditionally, this is always a poor aspect in rugby games. I dont think there has been one released which has nailed this so far. Rugby is such a complex game. If you have them move too quickly, then it looks robotic and the defensive lines are always so perfectly set you would get repetitive collisions etc. There needs to be a little ‘lag’ as it adds realism, players fatigue etc and gaps appear from players being slightly out of position. Agree with floody though, if you added these stats and they differed player to player, it would enable players to respond more quickly, yet still allow for errors in player defensive placement etc creating those much needed gaps for attack. Interested to see what direction they have gone in with this.