Release Date AFL 23 XBOX

Hello, could you please update us on the release date for AFL 23 on Xbox?

The last I heard was late July/early August. I have a son’s birthday and was wondering if it will be available for that, or if it will be a Kenner-style Star Wars Action Figure piece of paper with a promise to buy it for him when it does come out?

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Hi I like your post as I so would like to know when it will be released. The last time they gave us an update was on the 16 of June on twitter.

BigAnt Studios just give us the date as you have people who want to buy the game.

Play it safe mate and go with the action figure, this games too unpredictable. Also frustrating to play at the current moment.

Hopefully another big update, including pro team will be released soon and then I’d buy it for him. Although little fellas are probably less picky than us older people haha.

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I feel like we’re just being ignored and forgotten about at this point lol, my post about the release date was taken down on the mega thread…

Could we please have news about the release date for the Xbox. As I have been to my local EB Games and they have there system showing them as it coming out on the 31st of August. What is going on that we have been made to wait about 3 to 4 months ago for the game. @gracie

The least they could do is release an update saying it’s delayed! I have gotten so much false hope leading up just for nothing to be communicated.

@gracie I know communication would be nice from them


Could we please have some communication as to when the game will be released?

Have the physical discs even landed in Australia yet?

Have Microsoft approved the game?

A reply would be appreciated from everyone that have pre-ordered this gane and have been waiting months


@RossSymons can we please get an update on Xbox? Can’t believe the radio silence for Xbox fans here.




You have said what we are all thinking @anon57924784

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I will prob get my post deleted again as people don’t want anyone knowing whats actually happening.
I was told a rumour that it had been further delayed until oct 31st.
As i have a pre order that i purchased earlier this year, i wanted to find out when i would be receiving said order, and that is the info i was given, that the developers had told them that date.

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I dont believe that to be the case at all, think that one is just rumour.

As i have and some others mentioned before, this is something to take up with microsoft, not BA.

BA want the game already in xbox customers hands and want to be able to tell you everything thats happening but they are essentislly being gagged until MS get their stuff together.


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I hope its not that late, but i honestly wouldn’t be surprised

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2 Years Later hahahaha

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Just went into a JB Hi Fi and saw the Xbox version out with ‘Pre Order’ on it!!

I pre ordered it 6 months ago :frowning:

Yes is out for pre order but the game not our yet