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Open faced retro helmets without grills please implement in the academy creation of the game

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First of all i want to appreciate that Big Ant Studios along with Nacon is making cricket games and cricket 24 with the licenses and features announced so far is sounding Amazing. I have some requests which i feel are not so big that they cannot be fulfilled. Hopefully some if not all of the below can be implemented by October!

Feature 1. Would love to see an option to have custom overlays so we can add like any tv channel broadcast package to make the game look unique according what country we watch it in.

Feature 2. If we can have an option to have custom pitches for example Wet pitch, damp pitch, dry etc. Though it may be unrealistic i just feel it would make the game look more fun and unique.

Feature 3. I hope this is already added, we need unique atmosphere’s in stadiums. In England and Australia we have test match crowds that sit patiently and watch and really applaud a good shot or fielding effort etc, Where in the subcontinent the crowd are seen dancing or making noise regardless of what game is being played but especially in Odi and T20 games. Also i am as playing Cricket 22 yesterday (Test Match in England) the crowd was dead and not even applauding shots etc) so please please fix this as the atmosphere is crucial for a good Ashes test!

Feature 4. Lastly i would really appreciate if we can have an option to easily bring custom images into game be it for kits or for player faces. so we can create legends and legendary teams easily. Currently only a select few can create stuff and so many of us cannot and eventually it burns out the people who have to create so much for the whole community. If we get this feature then for sure the community will go up another level and everyone can contribute in making custom players, teams, stadiums etc.


The game really needs proper jersey physics along with injury animations wrt point of impact

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please add rain and also sandstorm tO some stadiums

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Big kudos to the support team for a forum like this…keep it up

Features that can be considered.

1.Reflection of tiredness and sweat as the batsman or bowler progress through a long innings,fatigue visibility and it should influence his speed of running if he is a batsman.

2.authentic real time commentary like fifa just to quote an example…EA Cricket 2007 still holds relevent bcz of the commentary

3.Former teams from early 2000s can be photogrammed as majority of the fan base belongs to that generation.

4.scenarios in cricket 19 was very special…so it can be retained and like showcase modes in wwe 2k games a major tournament from the past or a popular career of a legend can be showcased with scenario type goals
Sachin’s cricketing journey…it can do a world of good to the business and sales of the game if such a legend’s story is incorporated as a mode of play.


When batsmen get hit with a ball on their head, they should get knocked down and be affected according to the pace of the ball. It’s unrealistic when they show no reactions.

Secondly, legendary cricketers like Shane Warne, Tendulkar, Lara, Bradman, & other All Time greats should be added.

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I highly agree with your 2nd & 3rd point. I wish they added the best versions of of every country’s team. Like the complete 2000 Australian Team, 1970s unbeatable West Indian team, Peak 2015 South African team, & etc.

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The Selection Status Feature which was in Career Mode in DBC 14/17, Ashes 17, Cricket 19 game was not there in Cricket 22 game. therefore we have no way of knowing about our selection process. It is a Very Useful feature of Cricket 24 game. So give us that feature again in Cricket 24 game.