Request to make some change in cricket 24

@RossSymons maybe this change may make our game realistic…

  1. as we see in cricket 22 when player gets out he makes some reactions ( maybe you won’t include such reaction in cricket 24

  2. Hope you Don’t want to add like cricket 22 bowling style 1,3,4,5,6, in cricket 24

  3. you don’t want to add ( cricket 22 specifically cover drive including lofted) and lot of robotic shot in c24

  4. Bowling run up and action is little bit slow in c22 hope to improve in c24

  5. You will bring c24 with Broadcast camera like real cricket match or atleast @realcricket22

  6. Gameplay will be challenging according to team like if i control Zimbabwe team against Australia/India/Pakistan/England and all tough teams, then my winning chance will be impossible… if you can add this thing in cricket that will be awsome. …

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@RossSymons 1. Add sledging. like batter faces a short ball and leaves it. and the bowler provoking him to play that shot. making aggressive eye to eye contact
2. Add bus scenes team deboarding from the bus and getting into stadiums.
3. Fascinating crowd by waving flags(Like FIFA) and enjoying while batter hits for boundary or bowler takes wicket

4)Add new batting stances of legendary players Ricky ponting, sachin, brian lara, Kevin pietersen etc. and current Fab 5 stances Root,smith,williamson,Kohli,babar.

  1. Add new bowling actions The famous Mitchel johnson ashes series 2013, dale steyn, glenn mcgrath, shoaib akhtar, etc.
  2. reverse wing ball option Add one more delivery that is the reverse option which is enabled after 40-50 overs. not from the first over. generally the reverse comes after the ball gets old. and usually the ball gets old between 40-50 over.
  3. Cinematic replays
  4. add declartion scene. captain calling back players to the dressing room by whistling or with hands movement.

**miss timed shot top edge while playing bouncers and caught at square leg **

  1. background voice from wicketkeeper to sledge batter to make loose his concentration. like keep bowling there he is getting lazy, the bowling mate keeps it there he will sweep that,
  2. if possible with the help of AI try to add tony greig, bill lawry. commentary