Returned Due to No Offline Play :[

Hi i bought cricket 24 yesterday only to realise I wont be able to play it during transit at all - my main use case as it just gets stuck on load screen. Immidiately had to refund the purchase on steam:

Have been a loyal customer since DBC 14 days and have bought every version since on different platforms too. This is massively disaappointing and none of my friends will pick it up for same reasons.

Can we not go back to cricket 22 system / require signin once on game load so then you can play offline at least.

Guessing like most other complaints of the same issue this one is also going to go ignored, so if someone comes after just leaving this comment so you do not have to repeat the work.

It’s a known issue apparently, forum has posts going back months reporting it / asking if it will be fixed. There has been no acknowledgement (or any that I could find) so doubt big ant is interested in looking at it /fixing it at all.

So save yourself effort, if your main use case is offline play find something else to buy / play.

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