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Hey guys,

Firstly I want to say that I can already tell this will be the best cricket game to date. I’m pretty sure with some work done via patches, this game will be very enjoyable to play. Here is some stuff I’ve seen so far that is worth mentioning from a positive light and then I’ll share some suggestions as well:

Positive Feedback:

  1. The Player likeness is amazing and the best I’ve seen thus far.
  2. The Leave alone looks very real
  3. How the non-striker stands up at the non-striker’s end - pretty realistic
  4. How the fielders walk casually to the ball when it’s a comfortable one
  5. Fielders now run and slide to retrieve the ball
  6. Slower ball cross seam delivery (This was with Trent Boult’s action
  7. The new batting style is amazing (does need a little fine-tuning, batters attempt to hit the ball fairly late.

And I agree with most as it relates to improved lighting, pitches, grass, cutscenes, stands etc. Cricket 22 ended up being a very enjoyable cricket game for me to play and its original release wasn’t as solid as Cricket 24 so I believe that with some post release updates via patches - this game will be very solid going forward.

Areas to work on.

  1. Rashid Khan’s action has a glitch (Used it with Tanveer Sangha)
  2. Batting style 7 - batter glides toward leg stump in stance.
  3. Ball isn’t spinning
  4. Over throw issue still there
  5. Fielders stuttering before chasing the ball
  6. Mistimed Leg side shots - Ball crashes into batters body
  7. Allow for license players edit - With the extensive Licensed players available - to many fast bowlers are locked in with their actions (Trent Boult doesn’t have his own action)
  8. AI temperament - Started like this in Cricket 22 and then it was sorted via a patch.
  9. Wicket keeper catching the ball from a fast bowler - They don’t allow the ball to come to them, instead they lunge forward at the ball.
  10. This is Huge! - Where did the perks section go in Create a Player? That was a step in the right direction.
  11. No license players use arm guards - Kane Williamson bats with an arm guard. A lot of modern players use the small padded guard into their sweat band. No licensed player or team use this modern trend in cricket.
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Let me clear up number 7 - Too many licensed fast bowlers have bowling action 1. With the array of Australian quicks for example, they can’t all be using bowling style 1 with 17 others available.

I’m big on Gameplay, What keeps me playing cricket games is the feel that I’m watching a cricket match play live. I remove the ball trails, use fixed close as my playing camera and i try to make it as realistic as possible. It’s the subtle things that makes a game feel authentic and I hope Big Ants pay attention to these minor details.

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