Rework Miami and Monte-Carlo courts

Dear developers,

Please rework Miami and Monte-Carlo Afternoon lighting, if possible. In the pictures below I show how I think it should be done.

Thank you!

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Maybe the 3 venues mentioned in the thread can be reworked based on the pictures??

Madrid afternoon:

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Very good analyse Peti91… Theses littles things make differences
Please devs , take care about shadow on the court depend on outdoor tournment .

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@JNT_BA and @RossSymons
What do you think about it?

I’m not sure what part we’re getting wrong. Do you mean the shadows? Can you show us what you see in the game? What time were these taken at? We need way more info than just this what it was here.

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@JNT_BA @RossSymons
Yes, I mean the shadows. There could be a lot more shade on these venues in the afternoon, as you can see in the pictures. Currently on the Miami venue afternoon, dusk, and night are the same. The afternoon venue could be done based on the picture. Currently in the game Indian Wells, Toronto, Montreal, Rome and Dubai are perfect in this respect, with lots of shade, as they should be in the afternoon. There are hardly any shadows in the afternoon on the Madrid and Monte-Carlo venues, so I have the same feeling as if I were playing during the day.