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Rugby 24 essentially needs to be the current Gen version of Rugby 08.

Which Development team is on Rugby 24 @bigantstudios? Fans most surely don’t want an AFL 23 Launch.


Hey guys would love to get an update that gives us an insight into when we could possibly see some screenshots, if not just some clarification around the licensing/modes included in the game?

We know you guys sponsor Rwanda, Lesotho and Germany rugby so does that mean we will see small rugby nations like that included in the game licensed?

Regarding licensing, if this is the official game of the Rugby World Cup does that mean we will have official stadiums and all 20 nations licensed?

Ultimate team/pro team inclusion?


Big Ant have stated there are 130 National teams in the game so yeah there will be some pretty obscure rugby nations in the game.

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Hi guys !
I really hope there will be a fanhub realased before the game, maybe if we could help creating realistic players before the release that could be helpful for the developpers !


I think this game has alot of potential . With more licensing it can attract gamers across the globe seeing rugby is a growing sport .


When are we going to get some confirmation about any more licences being included? super rugby and premiership at the very least, MLR and Japan league 1 would be a bonus!


I am very excited for Rugby 24. I think this game has alot of potential with Big Ant studios behind the wheels. But this game should not be a copy of Rugby 22 or one of the Rugby challenge games it should be something new and can use inspiration from previous rugby games that where actually good and fun to play like Rugby 08\ 2011

What this game needs is:

  • New developed realistic and fun gameplay
  • Good graphics and new animations
  • Many licensed teams and competitions
  • a Kit and player creator with a fanhub across platforms
  • the ability to create competitions
  • different game modes like career mode/ historic games/ build my own team ect

Less than 2 months till the relase date/start of the world cup. World cup jerseys getting released, summer warm up internationals starting. You’d think it would be a good time to start releasing some information!!! :thinking:


If afl23 release is anything to go by, fingers crossed some stuff is released soon

If there is a good Team and player creation suite, then I don’t think that the number of licenses should be an issue. Creating my own teams and competitions is something that I have enjoyed doing in other Big Ant sports games that I played.


Exactly 7 weeks today to the start of the world cup, come on, give us something! :pray:

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