Running between wickets - CO-OP mode

This is VERY ESSENTIAL please.

While playing Offline Co-op, me and my brother batting for the same team! (could also be an issue with Online Co-Op but never tested there)
I am batting and he is on the non striker end! we play for the same team.

I hit the ball and start for a single - My brother responds to it---- Mid way, I feel that we need to return back and cancel the RUN - My brother and I both press the button to get back - But I fail to return! while he returns back to his place. So eventually we both are on the same side now.

This issue happens both in 2019 nor in 2022, after the batsmen reaches 50% - 60% of the run - he doesnt turn back from there! I should have the control to get my batsmen back from anyplace while taking the RUN.

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