Saving Created Guernsey (with licensed team) PC

Hi all,

I’m either completely missing something or this is just an across the board issue.

Basically, I’ve made a Heritage Guernsey and an Autism Foundation themed jumper(s) a few times now with Essendon, and i get to play a game in one of them but by the next game they’ve both disappeared and i have to remake them.

Is there a way to save your creations or is this just some sort of bug in the game?


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An Autism foundation themed guernsey sounds really amazing and fantastic :grin:


Yeah its pretty cool!

In real life i do it with ASPECT (in it for autism campaign) at indoor footy and we’ve had jumpers made up that basically ive tried to recreate in the game :rofl:

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Not sure why they’re supposedly disappearing… but maybe the teams are somehow getting reset back to their default guernseys (and probably also player lists).

Can you maybe put the guernseys on a completely custom team?
Then you should be able to jump to Essendon, and reassign a jumper slot to ‘the other club’s guernsey’ (i.e your custom team).

I’d recommend also sharing your custom team to the community (so it’s saved in the cloud also), and maybe report the original problem to Support.

Ah okay! Ill give that a go. Basically what ive been doing is going into Essendons guernseys and then just creating a guernsey in one of the empty slots

Yeah tried and didnt work. @JNT_BA can you have a look?

Yeah I’ll schedule a round of testing and see what I can come up with.

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