Sharing/uploading bats in Community

Hi there. Ive worked a number of hours recreating a number of Kookaburra bats from the 2000s era made famous by mainly Australian players such as Ponting, Hussey, Langer etc. But when I have shared them online on the community, the logos all go to one side and ruin the bats appearance. Players who are comfortable editing bats wont mind too much, but those who are not, might not download and use them in game because of the messed up appearances.

Any ideas on how to get around this will be much appreciated and may be appreciated for others in the community as i see many other players having the same difficulty i have, when i have been searching other shared bats in the community.

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Good work there. I saw these bats and I really wanted to download them, but with the logo issue I decided not to. Most of the bats I come accross on the academy have this issue. Hopefully it gets fixed.

download bats from this guy: SalmanWahidi they are apparently 100% and they are good! :slight_smile:

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He does make some top class bats. At this stage the only one I download from.

Yeah theirs are on point. They must be doing theirs on PC.

Give editing bats ago. Ive downloaded a number of bats that had the same issue mine do. I went to bat manager in the community area. Selected the downloaded bat, went to the bottom tab for logos. And placed the logos in their correct spot. This has worked for a number of bats, but not every one, as some logos “jump” to a different location of the bat when you placed them in the centre of the bat. Another glitch.
Try it with my bats as i cant see if players can edit them effectively, since when i download them they come how ive made them.

Yes his bats are absolutely awesome and the stickers contains all the minute details.

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