Simple fix for the default camera

Dont know who will read this but the default camera in cricket 22/24 is infuriatingly bad.

I am specifically talking about right after the ball connects with the bat.

The camera snaps instantly to make it such that the ball is right at the center of the screen. The transition to this mode is jarring and I would appreciate a smoother switch but I want to propose an even easier fix for what happens next.

When the camera tracks the ball through the field, to either hit the boundary, or be collected by a fielder, it always keeps the ball perfectly in the center.

No real camera behaves like this!

This means that when the ball bounces the camera does too. And because the ball is always in the center it gives the impression that the ball is still and the world is bouncing around it.

Simple suggested fix:
Loosen the requirement that the ball must be in the center of the frame.
Make the camera try to track to the ball but it can only move with a speed that increases linearly with the current distance between the balls current position and the center of the screen.

I feel that this will significantly improve the overall look of the game.

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Try the new broadcast setting in cricket 24 named dynamic broadcast


Game Changer for me that one

So that’s cool for switching up the cameras. But I am still not satisfied with the overall feel.

  • Hitting a ball for six has the ball jittering in the air weirdly.
  • A camera shot of the umprie lasted 0.1 seconds before switching to another angle.
  • There are still crazy jumpcuts when changing perspective

Like I am 99% certain that if they just fix the presentation of the game it would be better received.
How can 16 year old games like cricket 07 or bryan lara 2007 have more stable/smoother presentation and less jitter than a game today is beyond me.

Even cricket 19 had a smooth transition if playing with running camera broadcast 3