Slip catching is not realistic


Almost all of the outside edges went flying towards the boundary, some of them went for six on Licensed IPL grounds. I have to set slip at back position and they are taking all catches above their head. Mostly happens when ball is going between second slip and wicket keeper.
Happens only when bowling with fast bowler irrespective of their pace.

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Agree with you. I find often the ball travels too far when knicked.

I also think the bounce settings on the ball are a little off. I can loft a ball square and it’ll bounce about 6ft in the air before going over the boundary rope.


@Tstannard I’m using ball bounce at 30, with this ball will not go over the fielder, at max fielder will collect the ball on shoulder height and it will not impact the bounce of a bowler.
Slip catching issue is may be due to shot force input, my shot force is set on 53-55. But still this issue needs to be fixed.

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I also think too much flexibility for custom physics is causing many issues like ball connecting with bat, shot selection of AI, etc. It seems like a big mess.