Small Visual Glitches to be Corrected

There are some minor visual glitches that (maybe) went unnoticed and needs to be fixed for satisfying gameplay. I’m adding mines below, feel free to add anything that I’m missing.

  • Big Lines color appear incorrect. There should be 6 different color sets for big lines and they are missing. (I’ll add images here)
  • Ball appears on the middle of the pitch during cutscenes
  • In many Batting animations (especially towards straight), during the swing the bat goes halfway under the pitch surface.
  • Adding better visual filters with intensity meter would be great!
  • Grass rendering needs to be fixed (when the camera moves with bowler, there is a round shape of grass rendering can be noticed).
  • If you’re playing in Emirates Trafford Stadium, during the wickets, the players entering/exiting are switched. When a player is entering, it shows them as going away from the pitch and vice-versa. It may be happening in some other licensed stadiums as well.

@JNT_BA Team please have them fixed as soon as possible. Cheers :slight_smile: