Some Important Rules That Need To Be Updated in Cricket 24

Below Points Should Be Considered and these changes must be made in the upcoming update to make this game more realistic. Thankyou for this wonderful game Cricket 24. Hoping it gets more better with every update @JNT_BA @RossSymons

  • NRR Calculation - The formula of NRR Calculation is wrong in the game. I have raised tickets regarding this many times and this needs to be paid attention. Example - The losing team in the competition gets Net Run rate added in the Cricket 24 and the winning team gets Net run rate substracted from their NRR which should not be the case. If Team A gets all out 160 in 13 overs and Team B chases 161 in 19 Overs then Team B net run rate gets substracted even if they win which should not be the case as per official rules.

  • Tied Super Over - If a super over gets tied, the super overs should be continued unless there is a match result is the current rule in Cricket. In Cricket 24, the result of a tied super over is taken by count back. Please update to the unlimited super overs

  • No Drinks break in T20s - There is a drinks break in T20s after end of 10 overs in T20s which is missing in Cricket 24 and due to which players have stamina issue. I don’t think it would be an issue to add drinks break for T20 format in game.

  • Wrong Women’s ODI fielding restrictions - The Maximum outfielders allowed for Women’s ODI is 4 fielders after the Powerplay of 10 overs which stays till the end of 50th over. In game, max outfielders allowed are just 3 which is totally wrong. Also the 2nd PP is fixed in real life but in game Batting team can choose the PP which is wrong. Please rectify these errors.

  • No DRS in WT20I and WODI - DRS is missing in WT20Is and WODIs. Women’s game do get DRS these days and you should add this in game as well.

  • No Super Over if Women’s ODI gets tied - Super Over rule is applicable to Women’s ODI as well if a match gets tied.

Thanking for reading till the end. Have been enjoying the game Cricket 24. Fellow readers can add more such suggestions which can make this game more realistic. You can like if you agree with my points