Some personal suggestions for TIEBREAK

Hello, I am a Chinese player who loves tennis very much. I have had in-depth contact with AO2 and TWT2(short for these two games by Chinese players) of your company before, and I can say that your company’s superb game development technology is very impressive. The shock release of TIEBREAK’s gameplay is also impressive. Initial attempt under TIEBREAK, there is indeed the shadow of AO2 and TWT2, combined with the birth of a new game, lt and rt backhand and forehand body position is also an innovation.

Suggestion 1: Several players in China want to Sinicize the Chinese version because they can’t read English.

Suggestion 2: Increase the resolution by some scale, such as 4:3, 16:9, 16:10, adaptive scale. Added Full screen, Window, Full screen window options. Without these options, characters will be out of proportion, become unsightly flat, and the text in the options will go up and down.

Suggestion 3: It is too easy to hit the net, you can prompt how not easy to get off the net in the game, the previous perfect, too fast, too slow prompt is very good, can allow players to grasp the rhythm of the game faster.

Suggestion 4: Sometimes a two-handed backhand can turn into a one-handed backhand. If this happens often, some ballstennis Star’s backhand shot is two-handed, and it becomes a little twisted when it becomes one-handed.

Suggestion 5: Players rush to the front and back of the net, their whole body will be trapped in the net.

Suggestion 6: Sliding seems to be difficult to trigger, you can increase the probability of triggering.

Suggestion 7: The background music of the game interface can be changed to a faster rhythm, which can arouse the excitement of the player.

Suggestion 8: You can add more unique running movements of Tennis star, up and down, left and right panning movements, small steps, so that the players will be more vivid when they move. The star’s slice can be added a bit more.

Suggestion 9: It is difficult to serve, suggest to use a simpler serving method.

Suggestion 10: Add the Run button, the player will move faster, but the action hard straight back bigger, such a mechanism.

Suggestion 11: If the character’s expression is too stiff, you can add more facial expressions.

Suggestion 12: Add more lively commentaries from commentators and more audience interaction to add vitality to the stadium atmosphere.

Suggestion 13: Add more fancy strokes.

Suggestion 14: Add hawk-eye function, when hawk-eye plays back the video, you can add heart beating music to mobilize the atmosphere.

Suggestion 15: The feeling of hitting the ball can be more solid, and the feeling of cutting the ball can be more smooth.

Suggestion 16: Strengthen the computer AI difficulty, increase the challenge.

Suggestion 17: After playing a game, it takes a long time to wait to completely quit the game.

Suggestion 18: Once in the middle of the game, suddenly Image display error。

Good Luck!