Some problems with most recent patch November 24

There have been some useful improvements in this update (24/11), such as wicket keeper fielding, and AI fielding more generally. One thing that seems to have disappeared - for me at least - is commentary on ‘milestone’ events, such as when batsmen reach 50/100/150/200 etc. runs, or bowlers when they take X number of wickets, or partnership number of runs. Also, I find that even though batsmen aren’t getting run out due to absurdly aggressive AI run calling as much, it still happens when batsmen try to take an extra run even though there’s no chance of them making it back in time after the first successful run. It is as if the AI is assuming there will be overthrows, even though the keeper has taken the ball successfully. Finally, it would be good if multiple commentators did not simply repeat the same lines as each other - that is, if one commentator says X lines, it would be useful to build in a protection against duplication. Also, individual commentators frequently repeat the same lines just aftersaying them. I would appreciate if others whoi have had similar experiences could confirm my concerns, and if BigAnt could take account of these issues.