Spinners ball are not turning

Hello Devs,
Just wanted to post a issue

The spinner’s ball is not turning in going into a same trajectory which is ruining the gameplay.

Kindly look into this and patch this.

They are aware of this and should be fixed in the next patch (Monday or Tuesday).

We are certainly aware of all the feedback about spin and are looking into it. No exact date has been given to when this will be updated.

@JNT_BA kindly add one more issueto that catches are not carried to slips like it was happening in cricket 22 if you remember i posted with videos.

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Temporary solution:
Set orthodox and spin skill above 90 and Drift skill 0 of a particular spinner.
In physics, set Spin drift to 0 and spin revolution above 60.

Ball will turn but that’s very minor.

Nope, Just make sure you bowled enough overs with bowlers then getting to spinners,
i can suggest you this till that no spin issues fixes.

start with standard spin without any after touch release it with ( Y ) on controller with flight button mentioned in game then make sure you hit the extreme ideal position on timing hud during spin if you want any gameplay will show you playing career mode with my own technics.

thissss is happening way too often @JNT_BA

@Kap_Cha_42 No it’s not working, I bowled 60 overs with 4 fast bowlers of Australia in a Ashes test match. Then I started using spinner with 99 turn and 99 orthodoxy skill and my spin revolution is also 100, still just a hint of turn.