Squad Management Issues - Various

Hi Team,

I am sure a lot of these points have been discussed or might be already included in the game but just some of my points for gameplay:

‪- Is it possible you can make squads to hold up to 40-50 player slots?
It’s good for season squad depth. I like adding in emerging young players as reserves before starting a competition or season. Squad depth also good for gameplay when dealing with various player injuries and judiciary suspensions during a season or tournament.

  • Perhaps squad management gameplay might include players that will also have reduced stamina if used week in week out during a season and maybe need to be benched or given a rest. It’s a thought but I don’t see it as totally necessary.

  • Players playing in different positions. If a player does not have a certain secondary position, or 3rd tertiary position on their player profile , will they have a reduced overall skills rating if they are put in a different position ? For example a Winger who can play Centre but does not have a position listing for Flyhalf . If the winger was put at Flyhalf will the overall skills points rating reduce ?

  • I think it’s good during a match to be able to have the freedom to switch/ swap starting players in any position on the pause menu for team management. For example swapping a starting Flyhalf to slot into Fullback and the starting Fullback switching to Flyhalf. Or switching a starting blindside flanker to Lock if desired during a match. In some rugby video games I was able to do this and I thought this was a good freedom for squad management on match day.

  • Will squad management have weekly training ? Can players get injured possibly during a low or high intensity training session ?

  • Does Rugby 24 have a squad / team morale metre ? For instance if suffering back to back wins morale keeps increasing or back to back losses the team morale metre keeps falling ? Thus harder to win games with a lower morale.

  • Hoping Stamina can decrease at the right level during a match and be based off the individual players fitness rating and how involved they are and the stamina for all players can replenish during a match. For instance if your or the Ai team has scored and the on field players rest for a few mins during a goal conversion or when a player is not tackling or taking contact in the ruck with a carry for a few mins. The stamina can slowly increase again.

  • Ai stamina will decrease to a set certain level and Ai team will make replacements.

Thanks for listening and reading