Squad Selection before the start of match/Tournment

In Cricket 22, There is a feature lacking in squad selection, Giving Few options like(T20, ODI, TEST) and selecting one from it isn’t a good idea, Playing Tournaments like the World Cup T20 or ODI. Need to have a specific 15-player squad before the tournament starts and must select an 11-member squad from a 15-player squad for the entire tournament. That looks more realistic. No team can have the same squad for the entire tournament every match looks boring for 6-8 matches with the same squad, They must have the flexibility to change teams according to pitch and weather conditions. so squad selection must be part of the start menu of every match.

I Player more then 100 game in CRICKET 22, The Game was interrupted by RAIN, even in London, we except to rain in the Lord while playing a test match. Rain and DLS must be part of the game.