Standalone PC Academy

Are there any updates on when (or if?) the standalone PC academy is likely to arrive?

Sitting on and working on a stack of logos to upload, patiently waiting. Is it worth continuing to wait?

Obviously we can drop another $100 on the Steam version purely to upload but of course that’s much less than ideal, especially if the Standalone Academy was to drop weeks later.


I am also very much for this. I know Ross has advised in the past it’s in the pipeline, and other priorities have popped up, but this would be fantastic!

I agree. I think a Standalone PC Academy would be a good thing for the community. I’ve already plonked down $99 for the PC version so I can stream with it but it would have been nice to have that option so I could have continued to create my teams on PS5 while also being able to import logos.


that’s exactly what I did…

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The team that were putting together the standalone Academy have been focusing on the game itself, they will get back to it after the Xbox is released.


Awesome, cheers. I think impatience is very likely to get the better of me in that case :joy:

It is worth the two pineapples… or is there any chance of a rebate perhaps? I havent bought the Xbox version yet.

Yeah I’ve bit the bullet. Downloading now. The ease of being able to work on creations on my laptop using a keyboard and mouse and while the kids are using the TV will be worth it alone.

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Yep, I hear you. That is pretty much how I’ve been doing it.

Looking forward to seeing what you can deliver if they allow this. The stuff you have created already, BA should have you on the payroll!

Thanks mate. I’m not sure I could do much more tbh. In the time before release, I got pretty handy at using the standalone Academy from cricket 22. Unless there are any more features, I don’t think it will make much difference to me.

I need to put some time aside to download all your teams. It takes a little while to download each team/player/oval ect.

Will defs add a bit more replay ability with all the leagues you’ve created. I used to live in Adelaide, I moved to Melbourne 7 or 8 years ago now so playing as the local teams is cool. I’ve been playing a bit more of sanfl as Sturt which has also been a heap of fun.

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