Stop delaying Xbox version


Could you stop delaying the Xbox version of the game and give it to us now. As I know it will probably be delayed again.

it’s not Big Ant delaying the game. It’s an issue on Microsoft’s end.

Whenever there is a split release of a game it is a complex situation, dealing with many parties, from retailers, distributors, platform holders, publishers, licensors and developers. Quite often split releases become “Platform Exclusives” because not all parties can be in agreement after a split release has occurred.

We are dedicated to bringing an Xbox version of the game, as are all of the parties, we will ship the disks to retailers at the earliest opportunity - we want this game in your hands.


Could we please be told what happened to the Xbox version of the game? It has been too long with out any news on the game and we are all tried of being ignored by you all at the studio.

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