Suggestion for new patch

@RossSymons you are making international players face animation right then what’s wrong with to make their real body animation i mean look here
Cricket 24 virat kohli, it’s like you stretch him out ,

Think about his body :point_down: Atleast please

You are bringing a cricket game almost in 2024

Shot animation would have been good, if you make player modals body animation like their actual body

Wickets fall down in other cricket game but in your game they don’t

Most of shot animation look like robotic
And thik about their reaction when they got out and they miss the ball ( looks very bad) who gives such reaction in actual cricket …sometimes ok but not ok every time

think about it seriously, , sorry if you are taking it bad, i respect your hardwork but so far cricket 24 is too far away to complete💯

I don’t think anybody at Big Ant are going to listen to anything you’re saying because you’re coming across rude and disrespectful.

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@RossSymons @bigant
I feel bad for sharing my frustration for game, that was my bad day i am so sorry, you are working very hard keep going… I am happy now with what i have :+1:

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what has he done? sorry I am new here and just curious what going on on here