Suggestions for upcoming patches

Guys you have been splendid with the latest patches. But I want to suggest some gameplay enhancements for the next few patches:

  1. Implication of weather system and DLS.
  2. One of the commentary team giving pitch report with Photo grammetry.
  3. Use of security guards with sledging.
  4. Use of flood light show for finals and an immersive champions animation like FIFA games,etc.
    I hope these changes would be made in upcoming patches before T20 world cup
    Can we also licensed celebration on field as well as many celebration for bowlers

BA Devs doing anything to improve gameplay or done. Human batter prods pull shot animation every time if he leaves or misses. And some weird animations. Are they working on patches or done. Sadly no communication from them. What’s the use of this thread

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And the flags/banner in crowd there is already four and six shown from spectators and with that bowling side reaction after they have lost defending and batting side reaction after they lost chasing which were not there in cricket games of Big Ant it is a new game so hope to be included then

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Its only in pc but not in consoles

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I hope they allow us to change the batting styles and equipment such as gloves pads wristbands etc. for licenced players

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Maybe it had already been suggested but selection status be rejigged. Currently I am only playing 3 day local cricket and it is showing a long way off for test selection. It should show no chance. In T20 domestic I play one good game and my selection status changes. Like real life it should take heavy run scoring for it to change and if you don’t make the runs like real life you never get picked. My selection status is currently hardest too.

update of New Zealand uniform and add stadiums

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Hey big ant could you add these things to the next patch that were promised when the game was annouced

The Ashes; Cricket 24 will feature the biggest rivalry in cricket, The Ashes. Detailed cutscenes immerse the player in the moment as the Ashes tour progresses. Feel a part of the team with press conferences and team training sessions. Unique commentary allows for complete Ashes immersion. Experience The Ashes playing as a single player, or as Australia or England.

Career Mode; Follow the journey of your player from club cricketer to the international stage, developing your skills and growing your fan base as you hone your craft to become the next big thing in cricket. Cricket 24 gives more control to the player in determining their destiny, becoming a short-form hero, focusing on the Test team, or trying to balance both on your way to cricketing stardom.

A suggestion from me is

Add rain delay cutscenes
Imrove trouphy celbration
Add ashes celbration
Add injures and sledging

Add more career mode cutscenes

Update the ai every they are going 6s only they take no singles just hitting the ball for boundary
. Taking wickets from a spin bowler has become very easy . The ball is spinning much in grassy condition also. Also improve fielding of wicketkeeper, and other fielders . Hitting 4 has become very easy you can easily make hundred without even taking a single in hard difficulty also . Please improve this .
If you update these then I am sure the game will be best

Great ideas for game enhancements! Implementing a dynamic weather system along with detailed pitch reports, and adding immersive elements like floodlight shows and licensed celebrations would significantly elevate the realism and excitement. These features, especially if introduced before the T20 World Cup, would greatly enhance the player experience and bring the game closer to the thrill of real-life cricket.

If I wrote a full list i’d be here until Cricket 26…

Big ones for me are adding/changing animations, adding things like the Root Scoop, new leaves, bowling actions, catches, throws etc.

Let us customise things like Stumps/Ropes/Logos for different competitions, i’m sick of seeing Vodafone stumps in Play Now matches, the “Jordz” logo and Marsh stumps for English County cricket and the white boundary ropes.

Bring back the random pitch selection!

Fix Model 1 bats (and change the texture)

Gameplay fixes like the scripted wickets, incorrect animations, the canned animations for dismissals (so you know you’ve taken a wicket on appeal before the signal), frame by frame 3rd umpire decisions (and disable 3rd umpire for match types it wouldn’t be used in) and add weather!

I’d also like to see career mode get some love, let us choose if we want to play FC/OD matches instead of just being an overseas T20 player, i’d also like player transfers for AI and yourself.

Updated kits/likenesses for licensed teams/players. NZ/Pakistan needs more love on the domestic side. Luke Wells has hair and most of the English/Aus domestic players have generic faces. Oh and add GM bats from 2022/24, alongside Kookaburra/NB/GN bats which will surely be added.


Great suggestions yes in cricket 22 couldn’t you use custom logos in the tour mode to have the real major sponsors of each different series logos on the field and stumps did this feature not come across to cricket 24?

expand the number of custom team lists.
add licensed Ireland, South Africa, USA, Netherlands, Zimbabwe domestic comps
add more granular searching in Academy (searching players/teams by country etc)

add Csk and Rcb in upcoming ipl update

Honestly, just fix the running between wickets in career mode. My player cinstantly takes 3 or 4 very slow steps off the pitch before starting to run to the other end. As a result, i have been run out in all but one domestic one day game. Also, maybe fielders shouldn’t hit the stumps 100% of the time.


I’ve logged a ticket and attached a video about the same thing. It does get rather annoying seeing those first few steps going straight to short cover. Hopefully it gets fixed.

This is a little weird. Batsman takes about 3 lateral steps before running toward the other end. Looks bizarre.

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