Surnames added to commentary database

I saw a thread in Cricket 24 about possibly adding names to commentary. Is there anything similar happening in Rugby 24?

Request to add Name/Pronunciation to Cricket 24 Game - Cricket 24 - Big Ant Studios Community Forum

If it is

  1. Eastgate

Please and thank you :pray:t2:

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Thats why i love rugby games lol…can usually find samoan last names :joy:

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Ha ha, so many great Samoans, Not so many great Eastgates :sweat_smile:

‘Saar’ please if you are adding.

As always I’ll pass them on. Can’t make promises but I can try to see what I can do!


Understood. Appreciate that, thank you very much.

Can you also pass on the release date? :eyes:


That’s a long name for commentary I don’t know if that’s a common one


Ouch! Sounds like a long delay then… :grimacing:

Please add mine

And mine : Arakelian ( french here )

Tonton for me plz buddy

Your comment suggests that the commentary side of the game hasn’t been completed yet. If there’s one thing you can do for me, can you please make sure Justin Marshall isn’t apart of the commentary team.

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I concur with this comment, unless he has had some serious coaching on delivery. Or if he is in there (Bless his soul) please give us the option to turn commentary off.

Personally, I would love to have that current Scottish commentator in it, he is pretty animated.

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I’m thinking it’s likely to be Australian commentators so maybe the Stan sports commentators or presenters. Nick McArdle, Sean Maloney, Tim Horan, Morgan Turinui, Andrew Swain, Justin Harrison, Andrew Mehrtens, Sonny Bill Williams, Drew Mitchell, Allana Ferguson.

But I could be completely wrong.

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Oh man, could totally see Sonny Bill being the new Justin Marshall ha ha

Please add surname:


If possible, thank you.

Please add my surname:


Thank you

Hello @JNT_BA,
If it is still possible to add some names, could you please also add mine: Chambon
Many thanks and can’t wait to play.

@JNT_BA Can i get “KapCha” pronounced as “captcha” in Rugby 24 to start my career in there as well alongside Cricket24 :hugs: