The fans care more about gameplay

I hope it’s apparent to the team at big ant that travelling the world and probably spending a lot of money on capturing players faces was not the best approach as this new patch has actually made the game less enjoyable. I suggest you rename the game Rugby 26 and take another year for development because it’s really hard to envision this game being ready for the 24/25 season, I do hope you do though.


This game is not a game. I agree with you. I don’t think it will be ready for this season. Huge disappointment. slow and hard to play. crashes a lot. Not enjoyable.

I am as disappointed in the gameplay as you are, but to be fair good photometry has its utility. It’s nice to have good players faces (even though in game you can never tell, apart from watching replays), it’s just too bad they didn’t capture the different body types at the same time.
The main issue with photometry is that it was used as the only reason for the delays as the rest of the game was supposedly finished ( quoting Ross playing in his office since january). The actual state of the game clearly indicates the communication was all lies, so it is a bit infuriating to have been tricked into this EA, which is closer to an early alpha than an early access.
But hey, if they do care about us core rugby-gaming-fans still holding on, and really listen to our feedback, maybe we can help them correct the wrong trajectory taken on some parts of the gameplay (tackles, rucks…), maybe we’ll finally have a decent rugby game, at last ! It’s just too bad Rugby Champions 2 never made it cause the first opus is the still the best rugby game gameplay wise, it just needs more content.