The little details

I’ve noticed in Marvel Stadium the roof and beams are white, whereas they should be green so could big ant please fix the roof colours in Marvel Stadium

There are so many things in this game that need to be fixed. To be asking for the change to the colour of Marvel stadiums roof beam is a tad hopeful.

you gotta be hopeful.
I mean the banners still stand up on their own…

It also has wrong coloured seats too. Just minor things

Which seats are those?

Apparently some seats are still blue :wink:

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Don’t know if it has been fixed with the last update since I haven’t had the time to play.

But the red seats saying Marvel was missing from the AFL game while it was present for the Cricket game.

The AFL game also had incorrect yellow seats behind the goals which again was correct in the cricket game

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Oh, so this…


This is good… BUT…
I’m more a fan of the DC comics… so if you could please add the option to change the stadium name and seating colours to display DC, that’d be great. Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:


That looks amazing! When was this done? :slight_smile: @JNT_BA

I don’t have the exact date but it was done in March.

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Perfect that’s good. As I mentioned I wasn’t sure if it was updated since I haven’t played in a while and hadn’t seen it any gameplay videos.

It’s good that it’s in.


During the grand final trophy lift the cannons shoot out pink and purple it was different in the trailer so can you change it to the colours of whatever team won the grand final

We should be grateful there’s no whistle blown when a goal is scored amirite?

@JNT_BA i think I know why I thought it wasn’t added in yet.

I think the seats are either on the opposite side OR the default camera is on the opposite side & hence the ground paintings are on the opposite side.

Dk if its been said but players on the interchange actually being on the interchange visually.

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This would be cool if you could add this @JNT_BA, would this be a issue?