The little details

Here’s couple that wont make any difference to the game play but does have an effect on the feel and realism of the game.

  1. At Adelaide Oval the sun does not set over the scoreboard at the cathedral end, so in a twilight game you are pretty unlikely to be looking into the sun at the scoreboard end in a twilight game.

  2. The Crows cheer squad sits at the southern end not the Cathedral end

I know there’s bigger fish to fry… but


This is an issue with most if not all grounds. The cheersquads are all located on the opposite end to real life.

Same with Sydney, saying that, we don’t sit behind the goals as such but slightly to one side.
Not sure it is easy to fix as the end people sit at at grounds like the MCG will depend on who is playing.

From what I have seen, every home team cheersquad at the MCG is at the Punt Road except Collingwood, who even if it’s their Home or Away game will sit at the Ponsford End.

Every home team cheersquad at Marvel is at the Lockett end except I think Essendon, Richmond, Collingwood and Hawthorn (last 3 teams play like 1-2 games a season)

I think for stadiums where it’s clearly wrong, it should be fixed to add to the realism. I think MCG, Marvel, Optus etc it’s fine if it’s wrong because it’s not too noticeable (but would be great if all are fixed)

I don’t know code but I assume fixing it would be just swapping the location of the home & away fans behind the goals? @RossSymons @JNT_BA ?

Just a long as we get car horns when someone scores a goal in the bush footy :wink:


Great idea - will ask :slight_smile:


Now we are all on the same build @RossSymons … is there any chance we could get added things like : more cutscenes for say half time and the white boards matching the tactics, a day/night cycle, players showing on interchange bench?

P.S Also it could be a good idea to say not have interchange/umpire decision at same place (bottom right corner) ??


Yes, this would be very very helpful @RossSymons @JNT_BA currently when there is an interchange or even tactic changes etc it appears in the same place as umpire decisions and umpire decision notices are sometimes delayed.

Just played Richmond inn their clash kit and noticed the umpires in the same colours.

To be fair in the game it felt like they were playing for them.

Also would be great to have the goal umpires move with the ball.

Make it so much easier to gauge whether shots on the run are on target or heading for a behind.

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Thanks for changing the sun set!

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Yay, someone finally noticed!!! How is the angle? Was a little difficult to get the right angle from the reference photos, but I hope we got it close enough.

Question with custom players how come there isnt a name match like previous games had?

Because names do not match up unfortunately.

Also Custom guernseys there should have the league logo on the guernsey numbers just a thought.

If we had custom leagues perhaps… :wink:

Saw what happened to the swans banner Friday night, must of been very windy

How so was this changed so I can notice it when I play it next :slight_smile: ?

VirvilXNunn noticed the sunset was on the wrong side of the field. So this was something easy even I could fix thankfully. Got some reference photos and changed the orientation, it’s not a huge massive thing, but for those who go to those stadiums or like those stadiums small things like that can make a big difference.


Which stadium was it tweaked to?? I’ll check it out tonight :slight_smile:

Adelaide Oval.
So JNT you are telling me you can move the Sun but not a few hundred members of the cheer squad to the other side of the oval.

Joking of course.

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Hahahaha that is actually a quite complicated process.