THE RUGBY GAMING NETWORK - A discord server for people who enjoy rugby games

Hey everyone,

Hopefully this cheap plug is allowed on this forum but I thought everyone on here would be keen to get involved.

Me, @CrashBallTV, @MaD_Dragon_Rugby and @sammyx2 have come together to make a discord server for rugby gaming fans. There are threads for rugby 24 as well as all the other rugby games. A thread for fantasy rugby, modding as well as threads for more casual discussions.

I’ll post the invite link below so if you would like to get involved and help build a great community then come, join and let’s get 2024 off to a great start for rugby gaming! :smiling_face:


Just in case they have a logo importer to make your team Bears :wink: :rofl:

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And not to be out done Dragon ha ha

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That is a work of art :heart_eyes: I’ll certainly use that if I make a team.

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Thought it came out quite good :grin:

Just download it and chuck it in here
Free Image Background Remover | Adobe Express
Then if it is a PNG or SVG needed just change the file type to that here
Convert JPG to PNG Online for Free | Adobe Express
or here
Convert JPG Images to SVG for Free | Adobe Express

Of course if it is like their last logo creator … we have no hope of getting these in there ha ha. But fingers crossed!

I have the original PNG file without a background if you ever need it, might be better quality. Will see what the game can do first!

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Chat Gpt can do wonders with logo


AI is 100% amazing.

I want one.

AI strikes again :wink: Far too complicated to work in game as SVG. Far too much detail.
Good luck using convertors. If it is anything like Cricket and AFL you need to get under 400 nodes which is why I learnt to make them from scratch in Illustrator.

Chuckinho makes a logo AFL23 (

Uh okay? Who wouldn’t know it is AI? I don’t get the point of your comment :sweat_smile:

If it doesn’t go in who cares? :sweat_smile: They take nothing to produce?

Sure not going to waste hours painting infront of a PC. I have a life to live :rofl:

Edit: Though I wish I did have the time to do it!

It’s Microsoft Designer. One command line … poof. I love AI ha ha.

I’ve actually seen some amazing custom made logos in my time by real designers that didn’t look too dissimilar.

I thought you were making logos with the hope of getting them in game. The issue with any conversion is taking pixels to paths and that requires to computer to guess what you see as most important of the graphics in front of you.

You clearly don’t have a life to lead if you are on here all the time :wink:

For the record I haven’t made a logo for about a week now. #oneweekclean

You get one too ha ha!

And Big Ant gets one!

And you, and you get one, and you get one

Easy to type a comment and live at the same time. Not so sure about dedicating hours to learning SVG’s is what I meant.

I wasn’t intending that as a shot at you, apologies if you took it that way. But I’m not going to get into a squabble with a random internet person (Also no offense).

If you read my first comment with Bears upload it is tongue and cheek, "Just incase they have a logo importer ". Then as we spoke more on it that it would be cool I said that comment.

If you are looking to pick a fight about internet pictures you are barking up the wrong tree :rofl:

All good mate

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Trust me, I know the pain of the 400 point SVG’s after NEVER successfully even getting one of my Logos into that RLL4 game :sweat_smile:

The fact those logos are likely not useable is not lost on me. I was just having a bit of fun in among all the aggro about delays.

So you get one too :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Ok Ok, I’m done now ha ha

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Thanks bro, i actually change “name” “brand”
To GoTBy (i can’t change name here), as in near future i will be on youtube for rugby 24 content in Italian.
My logo is made by Ai as well.

Yeah, I saw that. I just got on a roll ha ha. I like your logo :raised_hands: Very cool.

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MATE! that looks absolutely awesome! 100% got to be used when making a team! :star_struck::star_struck:


Just watched your YouTube video on creating the SVG’s! I wish I had seen it much earlier!

I just may have the patience for that. Thanks a bunch!

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