The small patch didn't help with underarm serve

Hi Devs,

thanks for the small patch but it didnt’t help in terms of underarm serve.
I’ve played a match on Expert difficulty.against Zverev and He made 3 underarm serves in one game.

Please try to improve speed of players and inertia as soon as possible cause this issue is related to almost everything in the gameplay.

In summary, it will help in these factors:

  • too long rallies
  • better chance to hit a winner
  • serve would have bigger impact (at least before rework of serve mechanic though)
  • more effective net play
  • better handling of stamina

Totally agree with those things. @JNT_BA , the key to make the game perfect is to correct speed and inertia players! Rallies are still too long because of that.


With the underarms there is always a chance depending on circumstances. The hot fix was to stop some game instability with them not change them drastically as that will need more time and testing.


Nice, thank you. Take your time to upgrade the game.

We are here to give feedback when update come. Thank you for reading us

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