Tie Break release and marketing campaign

First of all, let me say that I want to be hyped and have high hopes for this game but what they have shown so far (being silent and having literally no info about the game) is letting everybody down.

The move of creating this forum can be seen as great way to connect with developers and show that they are a transparent company. However, the reality is very different. It´s been a week since they opened here and they have replied once.

It is very strange that what it is assumed to be an experienced videogame company as BA is going to release a tennis game in a couple of months and they are not able to say anything but the title of the game and licenses. What they show is that they are not ready and the development is being done against time.

I honestly think tennis videogame fans deserve much better.


yeah the whole thing seems odd, even if it was being released on schedule i feel like a june/july realease would’ve made more sense anyway. I mean c’mon you’re in between 2 grand slams not to mention the summer sales on every digital platform

honestly this doesn’t bode well. They released a trailer 4 months ago with a vague it’s coming out 2023 announcement :confused: konami did the same thing with efootball in regards to a master league mode they keep kicking down the road for a year. They drip feed the info and then when we do get info it’s super vague. :tired_face:

For your information :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


i’ve seen that im not gonna hold my breath. Why release a game towards the end of the atp tour? If there was a possibility of the game releasing in 3 months then why don’t we have any clips of gameplay. I’ve already mentally prepared myself for a 2024 release date.

Nacon does not usually give much information before the release of their game.
We may have a trailer without gameplay 2/3 weeks before the release.
It’s not for me the best communication but that’s how Nacon works.
it’s a shame because being the official ATP/WTA game, I think there’s a lot to say (name of official players, stadium and Grand Slam, brands equipments, career details…)
Why not make developers diary video or something like that?

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So what is the point of this forum if Big Ant themselves won’t reply?

Nothing we can talk about yet. Any news won’t be posted here first as it will go through normal media outlets.

This was said a few days ago.

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Like the previous person asked, whats the point of this forum? Open the forum when there is actually something relevant to share. If game details will be shared with media outlets 1st anyway then this forum is pointless until you all have something…anything to discuss. Its ridiculous to not acknowledge the potential BUYERS who are asking very reasonable questions. Do yall not want our support?


Yes what is the point if questions can’t be answered? If you don’t have anything to say here then why does this forum exist in the first place.


Humour me….Is there any news to share of this game?

This will probably fall on deaf ears but it would be such a wasted opportunity if they can’t promote this game over the next few weeks. Between Gamescom and The US Open, those are the two biggest evens between now and release.

I’d really hope, considering they are the first to ever have not official licensing of the ATP & WTA, that there will be a proper build up and promotion of the game….instead of what appear to be the case for Rugby- silence until just before release.

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