Tiebreak Early Access 2 Release Notes 7 March 2024

Dear Tennis and Tiebreak fans,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has participated in the first phase of Tiebreak Early Access. Our key goal when the Early Access began was to ensure that the community was given an opportunity to play a key role in shaping the final version of the game.

The feedback and support from the community has been extraordinary, we love it! We are on the right track, and you are playing a crucial part in ensuring that we deliver the most authentic tennis experience we have released to date. While we have been improving the gameplay, and delivering updates along the way, we have also been working on elements not yet implemented.

Today we would like to announce what is coming in this new update of Tiebreak that we call Early Access 2 (EA2).

Patch overview:

  • 8 Additional Licensed Players
  • Online Custom Matches
  • Academy (Player Creator, Logo Creator & Community)
  • Overall Gameplay and Physics Improvements

Additional Players:

Tiebreak Early Access 2 adds four new ATP & four new WTA players.

  • Caroline Garcia
  • Coco Gauff
  • Beatriz Haddad Maia
  • Benoît Paire
  • Casper Ruud
  • Ben Shelton
  • Amanda Anisimova
  • Stan Wawrinka

Online Custom Matches:

Players can now create custom online matches.
Choose your Point system, Sets per match, games per set, tie break length, venue, and more. With an array of gameplay options available, you can design matches to suit your preferred play style.

Prefer to pick up and play with quick matches?
Try the Fast 4-point system with one set per match.

Enjoy the challenge of battling it out in the final set?
Make tie breaks 10 points or decide the final set by winning two games. Online Custom Matches allow you to take charge of your Tiebreak experience.

Academy (Player Creator, Logo Creator & Community):

Player Creator:
Tell your own story. Customize your player’s identity, appearance, clothing & equipment, play style, physical attributes & skills to create your very own player.

Tiebreak’s Player Creator offers an extensive list of features that allows you to customise your appearance, from your body shape and facial structure, all the way through to freckle & mole placement.

Choose how you play with Play Styles. You can decide what kind of player you want to be. Choose your dominant hand, style of backhand, Service, and Receiving style. Customise your net aggression and choose which surface and game style you are best suited to.

Balance your strengths and weaknesses with Attributes and Skills. Want to be dominant with an aggressive forehand volley? Want opponents to fear your quick reactions and baseline speed? You can take full advantage of the Attributes and Skills sliders to create a fleshed-out and intricate playstyle that suits every preferred style of gameplay.

Logo Creator:
Use a variety of in game tools to design and generate your own custom logo. Logo Creator allows you to import SVG images and use a breadth of design tools to create an endless amount of logos that can be applied to player clothing and equipment.

Download and Share custom-created players through the academy. EA2 will see the Academy added to the game, allowing you to upload and share players you have created with the community. The Academy will also allow you to download players created and uploaded by other members of the community into your own roster.

Overall Gameplay and Physics Improvements:

  • Improved player movement
  • Sprinting and strafing feels more grounded and weighted
  • Transitioning between animation is much smoother.
  • Tuned acceleration and deceleration of movement.
  • Hold LT and RT + Joystick Forward will make the player scramble to the net
  • Improved Ball Physics
  • Serves speed feels more realistic.
  • Superseded Serve Type UI
  • Improved ToolTips
  • Pressing ‘B’ to skip Cutscene, which subsequently rectifies user’s accidentally doing a fault from a serve.
  • New Camera functionality- camera will slightly zoom out to improve court view when the ball goes off screen (player’s peripheral vision). This will help users when they are receiving wider shots.

The Tiebreak Team