Tiebreak latest improvement Suggestion 2

Tried the latest version of tiebreak, really improved a lot, from the perfect tennis game closer and closer. But I will continue to give the game new suggestions and make it better and better.

  1. The ball sense of serving is very good, and the moment it is sent out is very powerful. However, the feeling of receiving and hitting the ball will have a feeling of insufficient power, it is recommended to change the feeling of receiving and hitting the ball into a feeling of power similar to serving, which really makes people feel the power of tennis.
  2. AI’s desire to attack can also be strengthened, not only to play the opponent’s neutral position, but also to play the same position (such as the first ball to the left, then second ball is the left too), so that the batting line can be more diversified and more random.
  3. When the AI plays with the player, the Ai will play more negatively and return the ball slowly, so the AI will be more positive and more threatening when playing with the player.
  4. The error rate of AI becomes higher. The ball goes out a lot, and it goes to the net a lot. It is suggested to improve the stability of AI and reduce mistakes.
  5. There is a transparent ghost next to the player, not very beautiful
  6. Quitting a game takes a long time to wait, it is recommended to optimize the speed of quitting a game
  7. There will be delays when recording game videos
  8. Character expression is a little stiff, expression can be more rich
  9. The characters have a sense of transparency
  10. Hawk-eye function is recommended

I agree, its really good improvement, but the ai is still a bit to easy and they need to reduce the errors they make, also i would say for us when playing the aim system is to easy the only way we lose points is at the net mostly, so make it harder to strike the ball right into corner. i agree with everything you are saying as well.

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Are the developers still replying because i haven’t got a reply to my feedback yet, but idk

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They are btw so all good

We are definitely here and appreciate all your feedback along with everyone else! We are just working very hard here to bring the best tennis game out. Stay tuned!


I CAN’T PLAY ONLINE!!! When i go to online mode and choose a player, then it searches for the other player for ever and in the end it doesn’t find any player to play with Online, I always had this problem when tr3to play Online, i don’t know what is the cause for this problem!!! PLEASE FIX THIS ONLINE PROBLEM

So that may mean there is no one else searching at that time. Online is up and working. Maybe there is someone here who you may be able to schedule a match with.

Maybe… But i don’t know anyone to schedule a match with actually… But it is a Good idea to test if Online works or not, thanks for the suggestion…by the way, where i can find someone to play with this Game ?

Hi guys,

Online Mode:

I also tried to play online, but always searching for players… Searching since 30 minutes now… It seems no one is playing online…

@JNT_BA , could you please with Big Ant team advertise more about the game on social medias ? I know it is an early access but shame that we can’t play online because of lack of players…
Will there be advertisement when the game is finalized?

General Comments:

  • When I play Tournament Mode against CPU, unliscensed players always look the same game after game (white blond guy with a tatoo on his arm.)
  • When an opponent tries to lob, it’s 95% of time out.
    -Opponents never serve in the T.
  • Expert Mode is not so complicated after 5 hours of gaming… Already winning 6-2 6-2 against Medvedev… Could you please add a difficulty even higher ?

Thank you and have a good day