TIEBREAK latest improvement Suggestion 3

This big update to the tiebreak gives the game a new look. With a strong challenging AI, the addition of more stars, a huge improvement in the sense of hitting the ball, and a more fluid movement connection, it is really amazing. In the case of so many surprises, there are still some small flaws that need to be improved, I hope the big Ant team can further improve this game, come on!

Here’s my advice:

  1. Computer AI drop shot out of bounds rate is high, it is recommended to improve the stability of AI drop shot.
  2. LT and RT sprints sometimes fail. Sometimes when pressing RT or LT to sprint around, the character will suddenly not speed up and will become a strange phenomenon of slowly moving in place. It is recommended to improve the sensitivity of the LT and RT running keys, which can help players react faster to the ball.
  3. The forward net impact key can be changed to a simpler RB key, which can help players deal with the net ball faster.
  4. The drop shot is a little too strong, you can appropriately weaken the strength of the drop shot.
  5. Properly speed up the topspin speed, the current version is a little too slow.
  6. The net rate of flat stroke is a little high, and the net rate of flat stroke can be appropriately relaxed.
  7. Character modeling is a bit penetrating. Being able to see the back of your head from the front of your face.
  8. The online delay is very high, the two people will not move once they enter the game, and all the balls that are played are judged to be out of bounds. It is suggested that you can make a LAN mode, so that two players themselves in a server to fight. Similar to the multi-player game in the Palu game invitation code battle mode, only one invitation code, players can play the game in a battle platform, so that the network is more stable.
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