TIEBREAK latest improvement suggestion 4

For this new update, there are considerable changes, there are more realistic batting effects, some minor flaws have been fixed. To make the game even better, here are my suggestions:

  1. The error rate of AI in winning ball is too high, and it is suggested to improve the stability of AI in winning ball.
  2. It is difficult to serve at a wide Angle.
  3. The players in the tournament can wear more varied clothes, not all white suits all the time. Face model, more diverse body type. There can be a bit more variety in the style of play, some players are more defensive, some are more offensive, some are balanced, a variety of players can make the tournament more interesting.
  4. Add some diving save action, it is recommended to add more save action. Except on clay courts, sliding saves are too frequent to allow players to grease their feet. It is suggested that in addition to clay courts, the frequency of sliding saves should be reduced appropriately, and more personalized save actions can be used. Let the player have a very warm feeling when saving the ball.
  5. It is recommended to add the switch option of hitting the drop point, and turning off the drop point can increase the challenge
  6. The sense of batting is indeed stable, but it still lacks a sense of power.
  7. Select the character costume, and the costume will remain in the default state after entering the competition.
  8. The number of network battles is too small, it is recommended that manufacturers increase publicity.
  9. It is recommended to add keyboard and mouse operation modes