Trophy's not popping

There are several trophy’s that are seemingly not popping after the last few patches, some I have got but my friends cannot get, some I cannot get now either:

  1. Bash Down the Stumps
  2. Tropical Splash!
  3. Subcontinental
  4. Super Skilled
  5. Over and Over Again (This I got earlier, but friends are reporting its not popping now after last 2 patches.

It sounds like you’re having trouble with some game trophies not unlocking. I’d suggest keeping an eye on the game’s forums or their social media for any news. Sometimes these bugs are known issues and the developers might be working on a fix. In the meantime, make sure your game and console are fully updated. If it’s still not working, maybe try contacting the game’s support team for help.

I will log a ticket on bigant support, otherwise the people who need to see this post are on this forum.


Did you get these glitches fixed as I am having the same trouble with them

Bash Down the stumps needs a couple stumps to get uprooted perhaps. Since the Dec update they remain stuck in the ground.

This is really frustrating, following all bugged for me - including a hefty amount of time for ‘A team effort’

  1. Bash Down the Stumps
  2. Tropical Splash!
  3. Subcontinental
  4. Super Skilled
  5. A team effort

PS5, England Version, all up to date

I can confirm the following trophies are bugged on version 1.000.022 of the PS5 version as of 25 February 2024:

Confirmed bugged:

  • Subcontinental
  • Not Beleaguered!
  • Super Skilled
  • Bash Down The Stumps

Very likely bugged:

  • Tails Never Fails (I’m 99% sure I’ve won over 50 tosses selecting tails)

Not tested but highly suspicious:

  • Cup Holder
  • Over And Over Again

Again, this is only the PS5 version that has been tested. The PS4 version is likely affected by the same issues.

I’ve submitted a support ticket with

PSN username: mostoaus

I am having the same issues with mine is there any updates