Umpiring seems redundant

What’s the point in the ability to appeal and the umpire giving a batsman out when they animation doesn’t trigger until after the batsman has already indicated he’s out and the “wicket” splash has come up along the bottom of the screen.

Especially for LBW it should pan straight to the umpire after the fielding team have appealed. It losing all the sense of tension as it as because you know the decision straight away when the batsman does his little disappointed animation.

This needs fixing for immersion.

‘Ashes Cricket’ had it perfect, and that game is 7 yr old now!

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Completely agree, when batsman shakes his head then it take all the excitement away, batsman reaction should come after the umpire decision, especially in LBW and caught behind appeal.

@JNT_BA Can you look into this??


Also the time taken by the Umpire to give out or not out should have some random variation. I’m seeing this from Cricket 2019 that out LBW decisions are given almost immediately whereas not out decisions take some time so you already know by the time you see the Umpire if it’s out or not out.

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