Unable to find an online game, and other thoughts

Can’t find a game online at all. Playing on Xbox Series X in the USA. Spent about 5 mins waiting to join a game and nothing happened.

Additionally, facing a lot of bugs with my game. When is the next Xbox patch releasing? I was hoping to see genuine gameplay improvements but it seems to be the same game as cricket 22, just far more broken. You could have also used this opportunity to change smaller aspects of the game, like the scoreboard HUD and camera angles. It’s the exact same thing as Cricket 22. None of the camera angles fully emulate an actual TV broadcast - it’s a pretty universal angle too so surely it is something that can be implemented. But really, it’s small things like that which actually add to the realism of the game. I’m also sick and tired of the commentators saying things that aren’t even happening in the game - the dialogues seem to be the exact same as Cricket 22 and its just not good enough for a game being released in 2023.