Underarm serve not fixed

Hi after new patch, I captured shot video this morning.

If I back away from the line, the iA (here Zverev) keeps using them and as you can see, sometimes 3 or 4 times in the same game. So, i think the best solution is to remove completly from Ai and give it only for Kyrgios, Bublik, Moutet… If is not possible, you should rework speed animation. As you can see, we can anticipate very easy and 100% win

Look this short video, he do it 4 times in the same game


So in order to win all of your matches you just back up from the baseline, AI uses underarm serve and you win an easy point. This definitely should be fixed, looks like the instant ace bug that existed in AO Tennis 2.


Yes, i hope they will fix that. The AI dont did that all time but they do sometimes et its enough to win matchs.

You can break easy and win all tie break. Just force them to serv like that and you win the point.

We are in early access, so its ok and we can guve feedback like this.

so i hope they will fix that before official release.

Thanks Big ant for reading our feedback :pray: