Update today? What do you think?

If I’m not mistaken, in May the update was on the last Thursday of the month

The Steam files have been updated in the last past 5 minutes, so I think today or tomorrow.


Have a look, please. Are there any other changes there? :eyes:

If I could see the contents, I will tell you but I didn’t.
This is the link on steamdb for TieBreak :wink:


I saw the changes in steam. For sure they will drop the update tomorrow

There is no other option. Tomorrow is the last working day, and then it’s July. According to the plan, ea6 should be released in June

It’s a pity that it’s not today. I waited all day((

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i got an update a few months ago late at night so that might happen again

Very curious to see the new update even tho I can’t play it because my pc is crap lol

Hoping the improved the serving system