URC Squad Sizes

Hi there team ,

I just like to point out the official URC Vodacom Bulls squad have around 57 players listed here on the two attached photos. I am hoping the URC or all teams in any competition have at least 50 player slots available to add up to this many players or more if possible for users.
I don’t expect every player created by the developers upon Rugby 24 release but just the available slots so a user can add in more players from Fan Hub or simply create them to get up to 50 or more players.

Thanks guys

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Great suggestion. We need to have bigger Squads!


Another example of a large squad size for URC - Zebre Parma

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Wow, that would be intense. I would not complain at all. But if the developers were not going to create all 50 players officially the game would be flooded with randomly generated players? I think that would actually reduce the realism. Especially for those who couldn’t access created content (If they exist). 50 in a squad would be so amazing in career mode though!

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Access to Fan Hub will give people a choice of downloading younger or less known players for a club. I normally would create players and share them on fan hub for anyone else to download. Having the available slots in a team is ideal. If the team only has 35 licensed created players , at least having a spare 15 vacant slots would be good so we can add our own created players to the club or from Fan hub.

100% agree with that, as long as the extra unlicensed slots were vacant and not full of agent smith type players ha ha.

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