US Open info/updates?

So the game is due in November (likely to tie in with the ATP/WTA Tour Finals, which are in November)…….wouldn’t it make a ton of sense to at least talk about the game during the US Open- the largest even left in the season, the final major of the year and at a time when all eyes are on tennis?

They could literally drop the cover art and the box lines and it would create easy hype. OR even better, they could have had a playable demo during the US Open, which is getting record number of attendees. OR the devs could share a small update on the progress of the game, features, tour structure etc. Even a screenshot of a few key players could get hype buzzing.

Nearly anything could get the ball rolling for promo. The game is literally branded as an official tour title, so imagine missing out of arguably the largest event of the tour season.

They have shown they dont really care about marketing… Also, I dont think the game is even close to be ready to be shown so they just keep in secret everything related with promo. At some point I wonder if they care about sales. I hope the thing they most care is the quality of the game. As it is happening with rugby, I wouldnt be surprised if they dont release the game this year… It would be good news cause it will mean they are working hard and taking time to release a decent tennis game.