Useful feedback


Machete Gaming makes great review!

In my opinion, Tiebreak is a generous game (roster, players modeling, career mode…) but i’m starting to be worried because certain things that players have been asking for over a month have still not been corrected:

  1. IA Bot, still not balanced!!! (Seriously, what’s the matter with EA6? This is too easy, you broke the game!)

  2. Stamina’s system, still not convincing (must have a real impact on the game)

  3. Serve still so bad (camera zoom, no system of risk serve, too soft)

  4. This f**cking net texture, still too hard, seems like a PS One game

  5. Court’s lightnening, still too dark

  6. Medvedev and Swiatek faces, still too ugly

  7. This chair umpire, still doesn’t look like a real tennis chair umpire


Absolutely, this video review is perfect. And also agree that they broke the game with EA 6. I don’t understand how is it possible when game will be releasing in two months!

They didnt break the game. Just over corrected the AI. Its a simple fix man.

Machete video is good. That was my biggest thing too. Scramble is so bad.

They only need to put aggressiv shoots to the CPU.
When you hit the ball you hear two sound : the sound of a normal shoot and the loud one for the strong one.
Cpu did only normal shoots, that 's the problem and never go to the net.