Venue Improvements I want to See

Loving the game so far, and truly think this will be the best Tennis Game ever at release.

Few things I have noticed is with arenas.

Court resolutions don’t seem to be consistent. Players, Nets, benches and courts seem to be higher res than the surrounding billboards, logos, and crowd.

  • Court textures are solid, but could be improved.
    ---- Clay courts need grains that are larger to see the definition in the clay better
    ---- Make marking in the clay a lighter red color instead of the grey color that exists
    ---- Hard Courts need to show more court distress to improve texture look
    ---- Hard Courts, surrounding outside court needs to show more distress. Many times they just look like a solid color and not a court.

Surrounding signs and billboards
---- The signs and billboards on the sides do not look well textured.
---- Signs and billboards appear to be a lower resolution than even the court, net, or the players benches.

---- Crowd could be higher res.

Specific Courts

  • Indian Wells - Court IRL is purple, but in TB its blue.

Ball kids, Linesmen, need to be added.

When will 500 and 250 venues become playable?


I agree, look at that, sure you could make and effort on the texture/ligth effect

the game is far too dark compared to reality, look at the difference on the screen, even when playing in the middle of the afternoon or adjusting the gamma. thank you for getting closer to reality.


I have not seen ball/foot markings between the lines just beyond them. The ones beyond look great though do need color adjustment.

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I see footmarks everywhere, they do look good but i think the color can be improved and the texture overall.

Hope to get on court sliding also

Yes…I was looking at an old video I think. They are in there when I played. I think the color is fine also.