What are we waiting for?

im bored. surely now that super rugby is done for rugby 24 we can expect early access soon right? i mean gameplay must be ready as the delays barely mentioned it, they did however mention that we would be getting screenshots and videos in the coming weeks. what happened to that? do you just enjoy lying to us? this whole face scan thing is a bs excuse for delays. if u have the licenses for these teams just make early access without face scans and add them as u get them surely. the whole point of early access is for us to test GAMEPLAY and give feedback (that probly wont be listened to) not to look at face scans.


@JNT_BA, @RossSymons

I hope you are doing well.

Could you please let us know if we might have some information soon?

From previous communications, I understand that last Super Rugby Pacific team, the Chiefs, was captured on June 5th.
You mentioned that 14 days are needed for the validation and to have the team in game etc. Does that mean that EA could be live by 19th June?

You wanted 1 full comp: Done, Super Rugby. And almost all premiership and URC

You have international men teams: at least NZ, Australia, England, France (from the video taken at BigBen Week). Probably Scotland, Wales and Ireland thanks to URC.

You have international women teams: at least England, Australia.

What is missing to have the Early Access ?


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I have also been looking at the information they are saying and they consistently contradict themselves. They are not being transparent to the community.

Initial release was meant to be 7th of September, they were radio silent up until less than a week until the game was meant to come out… and they delayed the game.

They went silent again. Up until 23rd of January when they delayed the game a second time (release date was meant to be 30th January in time for the 6 nations)

Then they told us early access would be released in march. They then waited until the 28th of march to delay a third time.

The only time they engage with the community is when they delay the game.


and when they were giving us release dates. they knew damn well that they didnt have any or enough teams or gameplay that was good enough and it was going to be a full release! now they dont even have enough for an early access. complete jokers