What has BigAnt done to improve gameplay in Cricket 24? (Discussion)

Have you guys seen any difference in the “gameplay” of Cricket 24 that was not there in Cricket 22? Let’s Discuss here. Because I feel like there is very little or (sorry to say) no difference in the gameplay if you put Cricket 22 and Cricket 24 side by side.

  • All the fielding animations are exactly the same in both games
  • No proper and realistic diving/sliding and importantly no realistic Catch Drop animation (Actually there is no catch drop animation whatsoever)
  • Same fielding controls for users, and it’s buggy during the slow motion. If you’re choose to throw the ball directly at the stumps, the animation cuts off and there is no co-relation between the fielder hand and the ball.

Have you guys seen any actual gameplay difference yet? Include here even if it’s something very small you notice.

Let’s help BigAnt improve the game and make it the best experience for us. Thanks for your co-operation.

Thanks for looking into it @JNT_BA ,
StranGTastic Gamer.

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Theyve removed some stuff.

Like, you dont get a new ball in Ashes test matches after 80 overs.

You have to bowl 7 legal deliveries if you bowl a no ball.

AI dont adjust the field in a logical manner, like you can just sit there and score 300 runs through extra cover (Ashes).

This list is non exhaustive but exhausting.

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Sir please optimise the game I was getting 75 fps in cricket 22 in very high settings but in cricket 24 I was getting 35-40 fps at low settings my pc config ryzen 3 2200g 1050ti graphics card 16gb ram 1tb ssd
Sir kindly look into this

Wow! Did you put the ticket for this already? If not, do it by going here: https://support.bigant.com/support/tickets